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The Journalism & News Webring (294 Sites, 324 Hits) 05/12/2002 lilithezine
This is a ring for journals, journalism, art, art history, poetry, music, writing, news, facts and personal sites that have real feelings and emotions, nothing fake please!

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Flooding Tears (6 Sites, 8 Hits) 12/16/2000 admins
For poets, Journals, artists. Emotionally charged sites that show the beauty of darkness.

Opinions (10 Sites, 175 Hits) 03/16/2002 xandra_2
The Opinions webring contains sites with opinions (not necessarily strong opinions).

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Free-Reprint Articles & Content Providers (3 Sites, 12 Hits) 10/13/2003 genessa
Find in this ring free reprint articles and other content for use on your own website.  Visitors, please read carefully to see what, if anything,  each provider requires of you; it won't be money but it might be attribution and/or a link back to their site, or some such thing.

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Main Street Journals (3 Sites, 20 Hits) 03/18/2001 adoptable
Main Street Journals is a ring of writers, journalist and educators in the journalism field. Articles on the site must be clearly written and proivde authoritative and accurate information and/or be guides to good writing and journalism. The presentation of any articles must be professional, not diatribes or irrational ramblings.

Featured Ring

For My Eyes Webring (2 Sites, 2 Hits) 03/07/2004 painterjayne
Attention manager - acceptable description required.

Join rules and eligibility requirements belong on the join page.

URLs go in the Ring.

Advertisements go in Ring promotions.

Please use this field solely to describe the Ring to new visitors via the navbar OR WebRing directory without disguising RULES to look like a description.

Please do not regurgitate the Ring's title, be creative and DESCRIPTIVE

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